"Aerial Spraying Your last line of defence"


Agricair (Pvt) Ltd has been in the aerial spraying business since 1965 and has vast experience in all aspects of these operations. Agricair was once the largest aerial spraying company in the southern hemisphere and today is still the only operation of this type in Zimbabwe. Agricair presently operates on a valid Zimbabwean Air Operators Certificate (A.O.C.) and Air Service Permit (A.S.P.) which are recognised by most countries worldwide, giving Agricair the potential to conduct aerial spraying contracts throughout Africa or the Middle East as it has done in the past. This said, Agricair is presently in need to recapitalise its aircraft fleet and is focussing on being of vital service to the Zimbabwean agriculture and forestry industries that are on the verge of considerable growth.

Agricair is the last line of defence in Zimbabwe for both commercial and small scale farmer’s crops from any unforeseen plague of insects, disease, pests or quelea bird invasion.  Agricair is a vital applicator of various fertilizer and chemicals where the ground is too wet, the terrain too steep, the crops too tall for land vehicle drawn applicators or the application too urgent. Agricair aircraft are also used to combat forest fire outbreaks by “fire-bombing” the fires with retardants.

There is demand in fertilizing and chemical applications for standard row crops, tea, sugar, banana and rice plantations within Zimbabwe as well as regionally.  With Zimbabwe’s ideal geographical location, we have a great opportunity to furnish these needs regionally.  Due to tsetse fly sleeping sickness increase in the north of Zimbabwe we have received enquiries by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and Department of Veterinary Services, Tsetse Fly Division to combat this pest as it has done in the past.  Agricair have been called upon to service farmers needs in Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique in large scale farming areas.  Agricair could conduct these operations effectively by having its fleet of aircraft increased.

Agricair are based at Charles Prince Airport, Harare where we have constructed a new operations office block and hangar (Picture 1).  This facility enables us to provide hangarage for our aircraft, carry out basic aircraft maintenance and ground equipment storage thus reducing overheads. Agricair have all the required mixing and loading equipment for liquid chemicals and augers for dry fertilizer and seed loading. We also have the required vehicles for moving equipment and fuel to operations anywhere in Zimbabwe. There is additional space available for the container storage of bulk chemicals should the need arise.

Fleet Images in brief